New app increases interest in sustainability among young people

How much do you protect the environment by shopping in thrift shops? How do you transport yourself in a climate-friendly way? And what does food have to do with the climate? Students across Denmark can learn more about this in the new app developed by Virsabi for Verdensmålshuset (the SDG House) GenIN.​

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Making the sustainable agenda entertaining with augmented reality

Sustainability has become a point of discussion everywhere – from businesses to consumers to politicians, all trying to find creative sustainable solutions that protect the environment and benefit future generations.

GenIN is working to do just that. Taking the UN SDGs as its starting point, the company works to integrate sustainable initiatives in businesses and educational institutions.

GenIN connects young people from secondary schools and junior high schools with companies, with the aim of inspiring each other and creating sustainable solutions by working on specific cases.

Here, Virsabi has helped by developing the app GenIN – Ansvarlig Forbruger, which conveys complex information in an interesting and easy comprehensible way using augmented reality.

Visualization that promotes learning​

The purpose of augmented reality in the app is to keep the pupils active and interested while achieving memorable insights about sustainability.

For example, students can answer questions about their own consumption, subsequently the consequences of their answers are visualized. The visualizations come in 3D models which students can walk around and look at from different angles. For example, students can answer questions about their use of clothes and shoes and afterwards, using an animated 3D model of the Earth, see how their answers affect the planet.

The graphical additions to the real, physical environment help convey complex information in an understandable way and teach students how they affect the climate through the choices they make.

Augmented reality is therefore a different and entertaining way for students to increase their knowledge of sustainability.

Engaging the young generation

Climate challenges are issues we cannot ignore today as we are already witnessing the severe consequences of them. However, optimists are confident that the issues can be solved by effective and creative solutions, but this requires enough engagement around the issue.

By including the young generation, we can stimulate interest in sustainability at an early age and find new, creative solutions to the climate challenges of our time.

In order to do that, we have used augmented reality and developed an app, where students can find different themes and tasks to work on sustainability issues.

You can also try it yourself. Download the app from the App Store.

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