New RealWear with stunning camera

Do you want to try it? Cooperation with your frontline colleagues has sharpened with the new Navigator 500 from RealWear. Navigator 500 is the successor for HMT-1 that introduced RealWear as an effective unit for remote collaboration even under rough conditions.

The most robust headset for remote collaboration is here in an upgraded version. When frontline workers need their hands free to solve a task and at the same time need support from experts elsewhere in the world, the new Navigator 500 from RealWear is a robust and easy-to-use solution.

During the spring we will visit all parts of Denmark to showcase both RealWear and HoloLens for several customers. If you want a visit and try it for yourself, send an email to our Chief Product Officer, Jens Lauritsen,

During the pandemic, Virsabi has helped many companies to begin utilizing the advantages of RealWear, and with the new Navigator 500 headset we are ready to kick-start even more.

Sharp pictures and effective voice commands in noisy environments

Compared to its predecessor HMT-1, the Navigator 500 has an even sharper camera which makes it easier to send sharp pictures home even from low-light conditions. The battery is easy to swap so with an extra battery pack you can work even longer hours.

“With Navigator 500, RealWear strengthens its position within the industrial segment working in harsh conditions. You can maintain the connection and use the voice command even under rough conditions with low light, dust and a lot of noise – the specifications say that the voice command is fully functional in environments up to 100 decibels,” says Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer in Virsabi.

Navigator 500 is easy to attach to a hard hat which makes it suitable for construction work and heavy industries. The unit is IP66-classified and RealWear states that you can drop it from two meters without it having any effect on the classification. But in Virsabi we are yet to gather the courage to test the latter.

Easy to get going

As the predecessor, Navigator 500 has a small display attached, and even though it is the size of a stamp, it appears to be the size of an iPad when you look at it. You control it using voice commands that are easy and intuitive to use making it fast to call a colleague through Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer.

In these applications, people in the office can see everything the frontline workers see. While the frontline workers have their hands free, they can switch on the light, zoom, take photos or record video, and send files back and forth.

“Navigator 500 is really easy to set-up and to use. We always prefer to facilitate a workshop to identify our customers need, identify the right technical solutions, and develop ideas to fully utilize the chosen technology. But we do have customers who had an immediate need and was up and running with RealWear after ten minutes of instructions on how to set it up,” Jens Lauritsen said.

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