Oh Land & B&O in intimate VR experience

Let yourself get seduced by Oh Land in Virtual Reality

We put a 360 camera in a studio with Oh Land to capture an experience like no other. In combination with B&O sound and the comfort of a custom 360 chair, customers got the chance to experience an intimate concert performed by Oh Land.

You get a whole new and unique music experience with ambisonic sound in B&O headphones, in combination with the feeling of being present in this 360 video VR experience, which can be found at B&O’s stores and retailers.

Besides an exceptional VR experience, you get to hear Oh Land perform a new track, that hasn’t even been released yet. A cool gift for all the ‘Oh Land’ fans.

B&O and Oh Land VR experience
B&O and Oh Land VR experience

Where to find the Oh Land virtual reality experience

The experience and the VR pods have been traveling arround Denmark the last few months in stores as Magasin, Hi-Fi Klubben, Elgiganten, Humac, Bang & Olufsen, and B&O stores. Now the journey continues in the UK and Germany.

Since launch the device used to deliver the experience has been changed to the Oculus Go, which is an exciting new VR headset that greatly increases the quality and immersion of the experience.

This experience is also available at our office along with all of the other exciting projects we’ve done.

Behind the scenes

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