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Technical insulation is a craftmanship that is struggling to attract youngsters. To stand out, the technical insulation trade organization launched a successful virtual reality game to introduce the trade, the climate benefits, and the money to be made to new generations. 

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What: A virtual reality Tetris-like game in an immersive black and neon colored universe

It’s dark around you but the neon colors keep your senses alert. Your adrenalin starts to kick in as the lift begins to move and you have to stay focused. You’re in it to win! 

Pipes are moving around you, there’s three different types of insulation in front of you and luckily, they are color coded because time is at the essence. As the lift moves up, you have to match insulation types with the pipe types. And you have to do it faster than your competitor.  

Every time you make a right fit, you can see how much CO2 you save and how much money you make in this awesome job. 

It’s a fun, simple, and intuitive game. Yet, it is developed on a serious background. 

Why: A game with a purpose

Technical insulation is a craftsmanship that plays an important role in conserving energy in buildings by insulating pipes that transports hot and cold water. Yet, like so many other crafts, it is struggling to attract the attention of younger generations. 

To create some attention, the association of Danish Insulation Companies asked Virsabi to create a game in VR. Together, we developed the game Pipe Packers. 

Pipe Packers was used to attract visitors to the association’s stand at DM in Skills – an annual exhibition and competition where different craftsmanships are promoted. The energy was high, and the attendants were ready to play and compete – which sparked conversations about technical insulation as a trade. 

By rewarding the players with money earned and CO2 reduced, the game pinpoints that technical insulation serves a sustainable purpose and at the same time is a job where there is good money to be made. 

How: Fun, easy and intuitive

Playing Pipe Packers needed to be fun and intuitive, and attract people’s attention when they passed the stand. Even people unfamiliar with VR should be able to play the game with no special introduction as to avoid long lines at the stand.  

Virsabi put a lot of effort into creating a user experience where the players were introduced to the game and the gameplay inside the headset within a very short time.  

The effort paid off. The game attracted a crowd of young people who during the three-day event competed in insulating the most pipes, earning the most money, and reducing CO2 emissions. The results were showcased on a screen for the daily winners to enjoy their well-deserved shine. 

Besides having fun, they now know that technical insulation could be a career worth pursuing.

Future perspectives

For the association of Danish Insulation Companies, the game has future perspectives that goes beyond the trade fair. As they are struggling to get the attention of young people, the plan is to utilize the game in their marketing mix towards students.  

The game will be featured on their social media channels, in newsletters and possible on a campaign site. Of course, they will also bring the game when they visit schools and other trade fairs and exhibitions. 

Virsabi also has the technical knowhow to develop the game further. Ideas could be to add a multiplayer function, make more levels, include an online scoreboard, or make an AR version allowing people to play on phones or tablets to create even more attention.  

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