360-degree personal virtual guided tour

Höganäs came to us with a wish to drive more people to their booth at TCT 2017. And to create a lively atmosphere that attracts attention, by offering an immersive VR and 360 video experience for potential customers and spectators.We recommended a virtual immersive experience concept that would ensure that Höganâs would stand-out from the crowd. So we made a 360-degree personal video tour at the Digital Metal production facility, which takes the viewer through the process of making a whistle in one piece.By going into this immersive experience, we give the viewer a feeling of being the only person on an exclusive tour through the facility and its production phases.

Step straight into Höganäs own 3D printing production hall and experience the production of a simple metal whistle through a personal narrated guided tour. The experience is a 5 minute long 360 video where a presenter takes the viewer through all the intricate phases of the process and to see it up close and personal from a unique VR perspective.The 360-degree video can be viewed on any VR device making it easy to distribute to clients. The optimal device is the Oculus Go, which gives maximum quality for a minimum prize.Like what you see?