Augmented Reality as a visualization tool

Augmented reality is impressive as a visualization tool, and in collaboration with Louis Poulsen we created an application that does just that – visualize Louis Poulsen products in augmented reality.

Louis Poulsen is a Danish high-end lighting manufacturer that creates their products with the duality between functionality and design in focus. The application brings the physical store to the customer with augmented reality. It uses the camera on a smartphone and allows the user to experience what the iconic Louis Poulsen products would look like, in their own home through the lens of the camera. There are four photorealistic models available for placement. The user is also able to change the material of the lamps which enables them to customize to their preferences. The application gives the user the opportunity of choosing the right lamp so that they can fall in love with the right one in their own home even before it’s purchased.

Louis Poulsen Augmented Reality
Louis Poulsen Augmented Reality
Louis Poulsen Augmented Reality
Louis Poulsen Augmented Reality

The value of augmented reality in product visualization

The application creates awareness, speeds up the buying process, and converts engagements into sales.

The ability to place and customize lamps helps customers decide on which product is the perfect fit for them and shortens the buying process by a substantial amount. For most buyers picking the right lamp is a slow and challenging process. The Louis Poulsen lamps are an exclusive product, and the more help the customer can get in choosing the right product, the better.

The application can be downloaded for iOS, and we encourage you to download it and try it out. We’re happy with the result and look forward to creating our next augmented reality project.

Like what you see? We’re always looking for new collaborations to explore valuable ways to utilize AR as well as VR and MR in business.

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