Advanced transport engineering presented by Prose in virtual reality

This virtual reality experience was designed to create business leads and insights to the value of the work performed by Prose.

Prose is an engineering company. They strive to create transport systems that are safe, economical, low-maintenance and environmental friendly. In collaboration with Prose Virsabicreated a VR experience to visually impress and engage Prose’s clients and potential customers.

The experience, the story

The viewer is placed on a virtual train station – futuristic, minimalistic and visually appealing. In the distance a train approaches at high-speed, and as it passes on the track in front of the viewer,and a part of the train re-engineered by the team at Prose, is placed in front of the viewer. A detailed model is presented with a descriptive voiceover delivering the selling point of the specific Prose solution.

An engaging experience designed to create interest

Customers are engaged as they navigate through the experience in VR to explore four different transport systems that Prose has created. Each model presented uses colors and animation to highlight specific parts of the system during any of the 4 presentations. There is an interactive menu that allows the user to choose between these four at anytime to get a thorough visual presentation of each.

The experience was first used at the InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin in 2018. VR thrives in environments like these because it immerses the user into Prose’s world to provide an undistracted and memorable experience for potential customers. Bystanders can follow the experience on a big screen next to the viewer wearing the VR goggles increasing the awareness Prose can create in a competitive environment such as an exhibition.

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Here's a video from the experience