Poul Johansen Maskiner helps customers in Mexico from its office in Denmark​

Remote service through RealWear headsets enables Poul Johansen Maskiner (PJM) to keep work going during COVID-19. And the company has no doubt that the tool now is a permanent part of their service department.

“We should’ve started many years ago. But corona ended up being what pushed us to get started,” says Lars Jensen, Service and Support Manager at Poul Johansen Maskiner (PJM).

Virsabi helped PJM to get started with remote service through RealWear.

The company usually travels the world to set up machines on site with their customers. COVID-19 put a stop to that.

Keeps work going

Instead, they had to think of new ideas, and the solution turned out to be sending a RealWear headset to the customer who then receives support from PJM’s specialists in Denmark. Through the camera in the headset, the specialists can see what goes on on site. By communicating with and guiding the customer, the company makes sure that the machine is correctly installed.

Lately, PJM has helped customers in anywhere from Hungary to Mexico correctly set up machines – without even leaving the office in Denmark.

“It is an emergency that is the reason we use RealWear for installing machines. Because there are benefits to being there in person. But it is an emergency that will likely reoccur at any given time. And therefore, it is highly valuable to us to be able to keep work going, even when we can’t travel,” says Lars Jensen.

Fast service

While the remote help for installation of machines is an emergency solution, PJM also sees potential for the technology in other parts of its business.

“RealWear can become a valuable tool in our service department. It makes us capable of providing fast service, which is essential to a healthy business. With RealWear, we can solve our customers’ problems faster than we could before,” says Lars Jensen.

He has no doubt that they will continue using the tool to create value for both PJM and its customers:

“I see a gigantic need for this type of technology during corona. But I also see it as a tool that will continued to be used in a service department like ours”.

Past experiences

PJM has experiences with virtual technologies and remote collaboration from the project Digital Reality, which the company participated in from 2019-2020. Read about their experiences here (in Danish).

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