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This webpage is hosted by Virsabi ApS, Denmark, though it represents the legal entity of IKEA Services AB, Sweden.

Privacy Policy for IKEA People app

We only collect the information we may need to create a better experience for you.

This Privacy Policy is our way of telling you what information we collect, how we use it and how you can access, change and remove your information.

Help us build a better IKEA.
In order to create a better IKEA, we need your help. You can help by providing us with various kinds of information to help IKEA serve you better, and ultimately improve IKEA for everyone. Below you’ll find some of the reasons we request information from you, as well as how we obtain and use that information to help improve your IKEA  experience.

The data collected by IKEA through the IKEA People app is limited to anonymous usage data and application crash reports used to fix any bugs and errors.

What you share with IKEA stays with IKEA.
If you cannot trust IKEA, you will not work or shop with IKEA. For that reason, the security of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. IKEA does not share your personal information with companies outside IKEA for any purposes. The information we collect is used only by IKEA. At times, some information may be transferred to IKEA divisions in other countries but we always maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of the personal information in our possession.

We are committed to providing appropriate security controls to protect your personal information against foreseeable hazards. On occasion, we do need to hire other companies to help serve you better, with this application we collaborate with Virsabi ApS, Denmark. In some of these cases, we may need to share information that is necessary to perform tasks for IKEA. For example improvements of this app. These companies are strictly monitored by IKEA in order to make certain the privacy of our customers is always protected.

There are many kinds of cookies. We think you’ll like the IKEA recipe.
Many web surfers are concerned about their privacy and the use of ‘cookies’ on the Internet. Cookies are small files that can be used to store information you have already provided. Cookies cannot be used to “steal” information about you or your computer system.
The IKEA web site and the Virsabi web site uses cookies to remember your preferences. For example, the web site may remember which IKEA store page you view, in order to make your next visit more convenient (by displaying information more relevant to that store location).
Nevertheless, if you don’t like having any cookies at all they can be disabled in your web browser’s Internet Options.

The IKEA People app is not using cookies.

Call us. We won’t call you.
When you share your personal information with IKEA, you will always have access to this information. You can update, change or remove any information at any time by calling, writing or emailing us using one of the options provided below. If needed, we can notify you as to where we got the information and where or if we have forwarded your information within IKEA. Your information is only for our own use, and according to standard laws, we only store relevant, adequate and necessary data. Additionally, we erase your information when we no longer need it.

Change of address? Change of heart? Let us know.
If you would like us to update your contact information, remove your name from our mailing list, or if you have any questions about IKEA’s privacy policies or your personal information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact us via our website

We will respond to your questions or concerns as quickly as possible.

By using this webpage, you consent to the above privacy policies.

DATED: 2018-01-01

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