Process Optimization

AR makes work smoother: Have both hands free to perform the task, have the manual displayed in a digital layer on top of the equipment, and get remote support from an expert who see what you see and can put digital markers in your field of vision. Augmented and mixed reality optimizes your processes.

Mixed Reality

Remote collaboration in mixed reality optimizes every process. Experts from anywhere can guide you using camera, voice and a digital layer in your field of vision.

Augmented Reality

Add a digital layer on top of your equipment and guide users to every function while they have their hands free to perform the task. Never again look for the manual.


Need a HoloLens or RealWear to start harvesting the benefits of process optimization using augmented or mixed reality? Lets guide you to the right solution.

AR optimizes your business processes

Optimize with Augmented Reality

Eliminate all the little time-consuming details. Have all the information you need available with a snap of your fingers and have your hands free to perform the task at any time. The possibilities for process optimization with augmented and mixed reality are nearly endless.

With HoloLens or RealWear, you have a powerful computer on your head. You can document your work on the go, you can participate in a Teams meeting and get help from an expert, or you can order spare parts directly from the headset.

Or how about a step-by-step guide in a digital layer on top of your equipment to speed up training and onboarding? Reach out and lets find your potential for process optimization.

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