Companies reap benefits with RealWear




Our customers experience great benefits from using RealWear to create a quick connection between field workers and specialists to keep work moving.

The drive through morning rush hour has been saved, and the physical meetings are comfortably replaced by meetings in Microsoft Teams.

But what about the kind of meetings that aren’t held near a computer? The kind that requires participants to move around a production hall to work together to solve practical challenges?

Increased productivity with financial and time savings

Many companies rely on technicians who travel the world to solve specific problems, for example on equipment in production plants. Together with the local employees, the technician solves the task on site. But it costs. It costs time, money, productivity and climate resources. 

The wise way to solve the problem involves remote collaboration. But not in the form of Teams meetings as we know them from our home offices. Instead, companies are now leveraging technology to their advantage in new ways. 

By using RealWear in factories and other types of plants, companies can provide remote support of the same quality as if the technician were standing at the location.  

realwear mixed reality (MR) headset

Fast contact between technician and specialist

RealWear is a headset with a camera that records the wearer’s field of view and a screen that the wearer can see. Through a Teams meeting in RealWear, the employee can communicate with a specialist who can be anywhere in the world. With the camera, the employee can show the specialist exactly what the surroundings look like, while the specialist can guide the employee through sound and images to solve the problem.

The Faroese company Petur Larsen produces filleting machines, which they sell to customers everywhere from North America to Asia. With its head office and factory in the Faroe Islands, there are many trips to customers worldwide to provide support. But with RealWear, Petur Larsen has cut back on travel tremendously. 

“A very current example is a machine in Hanstholm, where we needed to install a pinbone remover as an add-on to a machine. 90 percent of the installation requires an electrical engineer, and the remaining ten percent requires a service technician. In the old days, we would have sent both an electrical engineer and a service technician, and the customer would have to pay for flights, hotel, travel time and other costs for two people. Now we settle for a person who then “borrows the eyes” of a senior service technician in the Faroe Islands through RealWear. says Regin Toftegaard, Area Sales Manager at Petur Larsen. 

Keeping business running with minimal downtime

“Money, time, and productivity are some of the most valuable things for businesses. And we can see from our customers that there are savings and gains to be made by using technology like RealWear to keep the business running with minimal downtime, either by solving the problem with their own employees through remote support for a specialist, or by saving on the number of technicians they have to send to the location, just like Petur Larsen in this case. says Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer at Virsabi.

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