Red Bull Cliff Diving Virtual Reality Experience

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series sparks adrenalin just by watching the divers jump from the platform. Now, you can get up there on the platform yourself in a VR experience made by Virsabi. This is taking the adrenaline rush and brand perception to another level not limited by geography, physics, competencies, or past experience

Virtual Reality Experience

Red Bull Brand Experience

Adrenaline Rush

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VR can create the ultimate brand love experience

You have to be stone cold not to feel the butterflies in your stomach when you look down on the water from this far above – and you immediately gain a lot of respect for the divers that actually do the jump. Even though you know you’re “just” wearing VR glasses and you’re not actually at the cliff of the mountain, the experience feels real.

And this is exactly what VR does. You create an emotional connection with the  brand or experience where you’re totally immersed, focused and will remember the feelings.

You get to experience the feeling of real heights in VR which is not new in itself, but it is unique to feel it in combination with a replication of an existing scenery where you also learn about the sport. If you like sport, nature, and getting pushed to the edge of your comfort zone, this experience is for you.” 
Michael Harboe, CEO

WHAT? A virtual experience of preparing for a cliff dive from 27 meters

Once again, we turned a Red Bull sports event into an exciting virtual reality experience for the Red Bull Media World in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

This time the visitors are virtually transported to Sisikon in Switzerland for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series where they step on to a platform on the side of the cliff. The platform is 27 meters above the water, and the visitors are greeted by a guide that gives them instructions for what to do.

WHY: Emphasize the power of the Red Bull brand

Red Bull is well-known for sponsoring sports, and the Red Bull name is often seen on more flamboyant practitioners of extreme sports. Every year, The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series travels around the globe and attracts a crowd in every location. But very few people have had the chance to join the divers on the platform. Until now.

An adrenalin-kicking virtual reality experience like this one creates a very strong emotional reaction. For the visitors, this emotional reaction will connect them to the Red Bull brand and what the brand stands for in terms of extreme sports. 

The emotional connection will also make them be more aware of the Red Bull sports events in the future and thus spark an even stronger long-term relation to the brand.

HOW: Pushing the boundaries of technology

“Virsabi developed this virtual reality experience for the most advanced VR headset on the market, the Varjo XR-3. Among many other features, we have utilized the mixed reality feature in the headset to allow the visitors to see their surroundings as they are equipped with the headset, and as they move towards the platform, they will be transferred into the virtual world.” 
Tomas Moesgaard, Senior XR Developer

What also makes this virtual reality experience stand out is the re-creating of the very beautiful and panoramic scenery with its many objects and details. You have the guide on the platform that is really close to you and talking to you, you have the boats in the water, the mountains and the sun that reflects in the water, and the cheering crowd. 

“The Red Bull Cliff Diving Experience scenery was built in Unity, and the many different objects were created in 3D using Blender and then exported into Unity. The two main characters – the virtual host on the platform and the diver were created using the software Character Creator from Reallusion. The virtual host was animated using the software Iclone, also from Reallusion, while the animation of the actual jump was made using the software Cascadeur.”

Kostas Katsinas, Creative Artist

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