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Remote Assist is the perfect way for companies to have their first experience with mixed reality. Remote Assist for Microsoft HoloLens uses advanced augmented reality technology aka. mixed reality, to help technicians in the field get assistance from a more experienced team of expert colleagues. The value that an expert is able to provide will be greatly increased, using the HoloLens as the medium, when delivering technical advisory on a global scale.

The HoloLens provides a digital overlay to the wearer, that the expert can then augment for the technician’s convenience. This is not easy to understand so we advise you to watch the video below, to get an understanding of how it works.

Getting started with remote assist

This case once again proves how much value mixed reality can bring to the table. The main values when using the HoloLens with Remote Assist is:

  • Hands free tool for a job where you need your hands
  • Live stream technicians field of view
  • Assist by drawing and augmenting the view of the wearer
  • Sharing of guiding content in eyesight.

The ROI arguments are many; just one aspect is saving time on transportation. We all know the stories about skilled technicians wasting time in airplanes, airports and generally just on transport. With a HoloLens and an internet connection, valuable and effective support can be given from anywhere, at anytime.

As HoloLens is managed through Microsoft Active Directory, the enterprise IT security officer will have the same control of the HoloLens as for any Surface laptop running Windows. This is often a very important aspect when introducing new devices.

Initiating projects for remote support is a good way of introducing Microsoft HoloLens in organizations, and from this initial introduction more advanced features can be launched.

Contact us for a dialogue about practical implementation and production of use cases.

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