Remote support

Get superpowers with mixed reality: Remote support and remote collaboration using mixed or augmented reality is a superpower for frontline workers. Experts from anywhere in the world can see what they see and guide them to perform any task by voice, video and adding notations in a digital layer on top of the real world.

Mixed Reality

Remote collaboration in mixed reality optimizes every process. Experts from anywhere can guide you using camera, voice and a digital layer in your field of vision.

Augmented Reality

Add a digital layer on top of your equipment and guide users to every function while they have their hands free to perform the task. Never again look for the manual.


Experience the possibilities of remote collaboration in a workshop where we define the business potential with augmented and mixed reality for your company.

Remote collaboration in mixed reality

Mixed reality gives you superpowers

The days when your best technical expert had to travel halfway around the globe to hit a piece of equipment with a hammer are gone. With remote collaboration using mixed reality in HoloLens or RealWear, they can guide any frontline worker to swing the hammer at the right spot.

As long as you can set up an internet connection, you can reduce the travelling to a minimum, and remote collaboration even works for maintenance at remote sites like offshore platforms and mines.

Several of our customers use it for Factory Acceptance Tests with the additional benefit that more experts can participate in the test without having to travel.

Jens Lauritsen

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