Shoppers want experiences – not just products on shelves. With VR, AR, and MR, you can provide entertaining and engaging experiences to your customers, and give them all the reasons they need to go your store instead of buying online. Use VR and AR to connect with your customers.

Benefits of VR and AR in retail  

VR and AR engage your retail customers

A lot of us still like to talk to a salesperson and touch a product before we make a big buying decision. But if you own a retail store you also know that it takes ever more engaging experiences to create loyal customers.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are great technologies to entertain and engage customers in your retail stores. Providing the right experiences in your store gives the customers all the reason they need to visit you rather than browsing for a similar product online.

We developed one such experience for Bang & Olufsen. We filmed the Danish singer Oh Land perform a special song in her studio and turned it into a virtual reality experience that Bang & Olufsen used to promote a new headset in their stores. A song and an experience that customers could only experience in stores.

With AR you can add a digital layer of information on top of your product and let the customers access it on their phones. It can be anything from a detailed list of ingredients, information about the origins – even in pictures or video – or just the ‘best before’ date. Only your imagination defines the limitations of which information to add to every item in your store.

Jens Lauritsen