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Virtual Reality

We develop ground-breaking immersive experiences in virtual reality for all headsets on the market. We assist you from defining the business case to distribution on headsets.

Augmented Reality

Display data on top of the real world and access it through your phone, tablet or headset. We develop photorealistic and scalable 3D models and animations for multiple purposes.

Mixed Reality

Use the pass-through function and blend virtual and augmented reality in your headset. We develop full-scale apps for immersive experiences in your physical surroundings.

XR Consulting

Is XR technology beneficial for your organisation? Our experienced strategic advisors help you identify possibilities and develop business cases.

Events and XR demos

Get your team, your management group, or your network up to speed with the possibilities of the latest technological developments. You will be immersed, engaged, and educated.


Most groups leave our sessions with a page full of good ideas. We have developed a special framework for ideation sessions that sparks solutions oriented creativity.


Get ready to challenge reality

michael harboe presenting

Key note speaker

Let your audience be blown through a tour de force of XR developments and possibilities.

virtual reality headset presentation

VR & Vino

A short tech talk, fun and engaging demos and a wine tasting. Because your team deserves it.

Studio with big screen

Rent our space

Host your own event in our historical old ballroom in the center of Copenhagen.

Mulmio - when you need B2B communication

Our sister company, Mulmio, elevates the communication.

Not just for us, but for some of the largest industrial companies in Denmark. They make technical matters easy to understand for all stakeholders, and they help leaders shine with clear and confident communication.

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Virsabi is a company that explores the intersection of creativity and technologies and is one of the first Virtual – and Augmented Reality dedicated companies offering both business advisory work and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Production, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and other new visualization technologies.