Remote collaboration makes a difference for customers

SKAKO Concrete uses technology to minimize the risk of misunderstandings and errors. With RealWear, they increase the quality of their collaboration and service.

Improved customer service, fewer misunderstandings, and a better collaboration. These are advantages that Virsabi helped SKAKO Concrete realize by introducing RealWear HMT-1 in their business.

Improved Customer Service


Better Collaboration

Minimizing misunderstandings

Precision is essential when SKAKO deliver concrete plant solutions to customers all around the world. Everything must work just perfectly for the customer to get the best possible, high-quality plant. Just one error could potentially result in expensive downtime for the customer. Therefore, when a technician is in doubt of anything, he will call a colleague for advice and sparring. But because the colleague cannot see what the technician sees, misunderstandings can occur. Those misunderstandings can take a long time to clarify. The same problems occur when a customer calls SKAKO Concrete to ask questions about the solution they bought.

But those are problems of the past. In collaboration with Virsabi, SKAKO Concrete have started using RealWear HMT-1, a headset that makes it possible to collaborate across distances. Through the camera, RealWear streams the wearer’s field of vision to their colleagues, business partners, or customers. From different locations, they can communicate through both sound and image. On a screen in the wearer’s field of vision, those not on site can mark what they want to highlight to the wearer.

Great expectations

RealWear is a valuable tool for collaboration across locations when SKAKO Concrete produce plants and go on service visits with customers. The same goes when their customers call them to ask technical questions.

“When we communicate over the phone, it is impossible for us to know if the other person sees what we think they’re seeing. It requires a lot of questions asked. And even then, we cannot know for sure, because our plants are all put together in different ways, depending on the customer’s needs. With RealWear, we can avoid many misunderstandings because we can see exactly what the other person is talking about. And we can help our customers solve their challenges much faster,” says Søren Andersen, Service Manager in SKAKO Concrete.

SKAKO Concrete only recently started introducing RealWear to their business. But they have great expectations for the digital tool:

“So far, we have tested RealWear in service situations with our breaker panels in the plants. Collaborating through RealWear is a huge benefit, especially when people on the plants have smaller tasks to solve. As the one not on site, I can freeze the image and mark exactly where on the plant they need to click a button. That means money saved, less time spent traveling, and fewer accidents,” says Søren Andersen.

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