Spreading the power of VR training across Europe

Virtual reality has proven itself to be a strong tool for learning new skills. Through our participation in EU funded projects, Virsabi helps bring the benefits of virtual reality training to teachers and students across Europe.

From collaboration with leading brands like Jabra and Maersk Training, we know what a difference training in virtual reality can do for companies when employees need to learn new skills or keep their reactions sharp for potentially hazardous situations.  

When you wear a VR headset, you are so immersed in the experience that you learn with all your senses. You are completely absorbed in the virtual environment and the experience, which make the learnings seem to stick better to your memory compared to when you listen to the same information in a classroom or is taught through peer training. 

Pan-European proof on the way

What the world needs now is proof and documentation that the effects of virtual reality training are long-lasting and effective. That calls for more closely monitored more training experiences, and what better institution to back this than the European Union.  

Since early in the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been involved in three pan-European projects looking to identify the potential for using virtual reality in Vocational Education and Training. All three projects are funded with support from the European Commission and are with multiple partners from all over Europe. 

Fuel for new ideas

“Collaborating with people from all over Europe is not only a lot of fun. It also fuels new ideas on how to improve the use of virtual reality in training when we share information about how things are done in different countries,” says Kristina Ochmirova, project manager in Virsabi.  

The projects we are involved in are all interdisciplinary, and part of the fun is to introduce new people to what you can achieve with training in VR. 

“We bring this technology to people who can really benefit from it but would otherwise never get a chance to try it in a professional setting. To watch them experience the potential, give them new digital competencies, and see the way it enriches their work-life brings me joy,” she says. 

We are currently involved in the following projects: 


Digital Reality in Vocational Education and Training

DRinVET (Digital Reality in Vocational Education and Training), has a general perspective and aims to promote digital reality technologies in education, especially in VET. Some of the objectives are to learn how to use the technology in teams of teachers and students, and to enable teachers and students to work and learn in crisis situations. Read more about DRinVET 


Competence+ - Training for employees in the public transport sector

The Competence+ project has a more focused target group as its mission is to provide training for current and future employees in the public transport sector with a blended modular learning concept. Through VR simulations, the employees will train environmental awareness, awareness of conflicts, civil courage, and stress management. Read more about Competence



The TeachINVR project is also aimed at the VET sector. This project aims to provide a platform where VET teachers, trainers, and educators can find effective tools and where they can exchange knowledge and good practices about teaching in virtual reality with their peers. TeachINVR also aims to close the knowledge gap between teachers and help them overcome the obstacles when teaching online.  


Reach out to us if you like to learn more about our research project, or is interested in how you organisation can benefit from Virtual reality learning experiences.

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