Pushing the Boundaries of VR: behind the scenes of Virsabi’s Red Bull Cliff Diving VR Experience

https://virsabi.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Red-Bull-technical-video-1.mp4 Pushing the Boundaries of VR: Behind the Scenes of Virsabi’s Red Bull Cliff Diving VR Experience Get in touch to know more Dive into a hyper-realistic VR replication of one of the world’s most daring watersports in Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2022. You will be thrilled by the adrenaline-fueled and high-quality replication … Read more

Red Bull Cliff Diving Virtual Reality Experience

Red Bull Cliff Diving Virtual Reality Experience. Dare to jump? Get in touch to know more https://virsabi.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Red-Bull-video-remake-2.mp4 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series sparks adrenalin just by watching the divers jump from the platform. Now, you can get up there on the platform yourself in a VR experience made by Virsabi. This is taking the adrenaline rush and brand perception to another … Read more

Klimarklar Esbjerg

Apps shows consequences of climate change and actions to prevent or diminish them How much will the water rise right here where I stand? What will it look like if I plant trees or make a rain bed to absorb the water? With a new app that uses augmented reality, citizens of the Danish city … Read more

DHDAS Virtual Showroom

3D virtual showroom in a browser Walk around a showroom and get a spacious feeling of all the equipment – straight from the homepage. Reselling equipment from Danish Healthcare Design just became a lot easier with a new 3D interactive virtual showroom that runs in a browser and works on desktops, tablets, phones, and VR … Read more

Louis Poulsen Configurator

3D lights up B2B sales for Louis Poulsen An interactive 3D product configurator right on the website makes it faster and easier for architects and lighting designers to include the new Flindt Plaza light fixture from Louis Poulsen in their designs. Get in touch to know more What: The perfect interactive sales tool No plugins … Read more

Virtual Stage

Virtual Stage This is how we boost the export of Danish fashion and design with VR and AR.​ Contact us In the Virtual Stage project, Danish fashion, textile and furniture brands have become first movers of virtual technology. One of the goals of Virtual Stage was to find out if you, as a customer or … Read more


TAKT invites customers inside with innovative digital content For and together with TAKT, we have created digital content that will capture customers and support the sales of furniture that is sold online. Through the content, the customers are invited into TAKTs universe. Contact us The benefit of Virtual Technologies “We give our customers a sensuous … Read more

Louis Poulsen Internal Product Launch

Louis Poulsen Internal Product Launch Internal product launch streamed across the globe One broadcast to Europe and Asia, and one to America. That was the setup when we helped Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen live stream their internal product launch. Get in touch to know more When you-know-what prevented Louis Poulsen from gathering all their … Read more


App reveals the consequences of climate change The Klimaklar app shows where water will collect in the Danish city Odense when the skies start to really open. The app uses augmented reality to give the citizens of Odense an impression of what a climate change adaptation project could look like on their street.  Increased climate … Read more

FLSmidth gives a rare insight into mineral processing

FLSmidth gives a rare insight into mineral processing > A Virtual Reality experience A unique look inside We have created a unique Virtual Reality experience for FLSmidth. Placing you inside FLSmidth’s mixedROWTM flotation tanks, the experience gives the viewer a rare look at the inside of a flotation tank and an understanding of the processes … Read more

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