Virtual Reality Mission Briefing

How to grab the attention of top executives for an advisory board? A self-destructing message in the style of Mission Impossible. Getting hologram briefs like Ethan Hunt. Delivered in a VR experience sent to your office. Here is the story of how a global corporation used an untraditional method to attract international top executives to … Read more

Cyber Security VR Challenge 

Cyber Security VR Challenge Train your employees to identify and dodge cyber security risks in the most fun, engaging, and memorable way.  If you want to make your employees actually remember the learnings from your next cyber security campaign, Virsabi’s Cyber Security Virtual Reality Challenge is for you.  Our package contains four VR headsets with … Read more

Finansforbundet trains difficult conversations in VR

Finansforbundet trains difficult conversations in VR Union representatives under Finansforbundet can now practice difficult conversations with their boss in virtual reality as part of the training program. In a safe but realistic environment, union representatives can practice their communication and messages again and again and become better at handling difficult conversations. The VR experience is … Read more

Learn to deal with unpleasant customers

Learn to deal with unpleasant customers in a virtual reality simulation VR is good for training young people to handle conflicts. For 7-Eleven and DSB, we have built a proof of concept where young employees behind the counter learn how to deal with threatening customers. Because VR feels real, the experience evokes strong emotions. But … Read more

Teach in VR: Train the trainers and start the VR learning journey

Virtual Reality is such a strong tool for learning that it is bound to be part of teachers’ future toolbox. To break the entry barrier for teachers, Virsabi is part of a pan-European project to develop and highlight best practices for teachers in order to get them going. Start your learning journey right here. … Read more

Completely NORMAL unique training in VR

Future employees at NORMAL’s warehouse will be given a VR headset, where they can train the basic rules in how pallets should be packed even before their first day of work.  Put the VR headset on and experience the space around you transform into a warehouse at NORMAL, where you have to pack boxes of … Read more

Hovedstadens Beredskab utilizes training in VR

Training in VR increases GDPR compliance A new training experience in virtual reality raises awareness about data handling in Greater Copenhagen Fire Department.  Get in touch to know more What: A virtual reality training experience Every day the employees of Greater Copenhagen Fire Department handles large amounts of personal data. To ensure that all employees … Read more

Jabra speeds up onboarding with training in VR

Jabra Jabra speeds up onboarding with training in VR Get in touch to know more The friendly people in customer service in Jabra know how to connect more than the dots. They also know how to connect cables and wiring to an almost indefinite number of high-quality sound engineering products. Training in VR speeds up … Read more

Maersk Behavioral Training

Maersk Building Capacity – behavioral training in virtual reality With a virtual reality training experience, Maersk and Maersk training are testing the possibility of enhancing the quality of safety training for ship’s officers. Get in touch to know more It is all about safety Safety is an important aspect when it comes to training of … Read more


SIMAC and Marstal School of Navigation Improving offshore safety with training in VR Get in touch to know more VR Safety is the name of the virtual reality safety training tool Virsabi built for two Danish maritime educational institutions. The tool lets the students experience safety situations and train their knowledge aboard a ship before … Read more

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