TAKT invites customers inside with innovative digital content

For and together with TAKT, we have created digital content that will capture customers and support the sales of furniture that is sold online. Through the content, the customers are invited into TAKTs universe.

360° Video

Virtual Production Studio

Product Showcase

The benefit of Virtual Technologies

“We give our customers a sensuous and authentic experience with the content we have produced with Virsabi. We have really opened up our desire to keep on working with virtual technologies.”

That is the message from Sofie Østergaard Neble, Brand Activation Manager at TAKT. Together with Sofie and her colleagues Virsabi has created innovative, digital content that looks to increase sales, by giving customers a unique presentation of the company and its products. The content consists of 360° videos, from both their showroom and workshop, a product video recorded in our Virtual Production Studio, and a webAR solution where visitors can place a digital version of TAKTs furniture in their own surroundings.

Digital DNA

With their soon 2 years of existence, TAKT is a young company. When it was founded in 2019, two things were clear: The company is to be sustainable at its core and will put digitalization on the top of the agenda.

TAKT separates themselves from other furniture companies by only selling furniture online. In that way they can cut expenses substantially and sell their high-quality furniture designs at reasonable prices.

That does however ask more of the marketing effort, and its ability to let customers experience TAKTs furniture digitally. Virsabi has helped them with this challenge.

“The digital aspect is central for us, therefore it made perfect sense to engage in a collaboration with Virsabi. Both to learn more and to get some concrete content we can use in our sales and marketing,” Says Sofie Østergaard Neble.

Bring the product to the customer

From the 3D models of TAKTs furniture we have created a webAR solution that enables the digital placement of the furniture in a physical environment, e.g., your living room, before buying. This way TAKTs customers can see exactly how a specific piece of furniture will fit into the intended surroundings.

“We’re experiencing that customers contact us and asks if they can see our furniture other places than in our showroom in Copenhagen. They can’t physically because we don’t have any resellers, but now we can refer them to our webAR solution,” says Sofie Østergaard Neble.

And reactions are positive, she continues:

“Customers are very impressed by the quality. They can come really close to the tree structure and get a feeling of the textiles. It is also very sustainable, because that means that the customers more often will make the right decision during the first purchase and return less products.”

Come close with 360° video

Our collaboration with TAKT has until now resulted in three products that builds on 360° video, Virtual Production video and 3D models in webAR.

With two 360° videos the company can invite customers and partners into their showroom and workshop digitally. With the option to look wherever you want, it is as close to being there in person as it gets. Even the sound is made to follow your every move to create a most realistic experience.

In the showroom in Copenhagen TAKT Founder and CEO Henrik Taudorf Lorensen shows the furniture, while he talks about the company’s background and principles. And from TAKTs workshop Sofie talks about the importance of good craftsmanship, as you see a piece of furniture become, while you are almost able to feel and smell the sawdust hanging in the air.

“It has been amazing to be introduced to a new way of presenting our furniture. 360° video adds a sensual element and gives a good understanding for the people and the craftsmanship, that lies behind the products.” says Sofie Østergaard Neble.

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