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You might not be able to afford a Tesla, or maybe you can, but simply aren’t ready to buy yet. 

Either way you would probably like to see how it looks in your driveway – and now you can. Using new webAR technology we’re able to bring this car into reality digitally, by nothing more than a click in your smartphone’s browser.

We created a lot of different USDZ models, but this Tesla is our display of how far you can push this file-format, while still allowing smartphones to handle it.

Tesla Augmented Reality

The Tesla

Click the Tesla using a smartphone as instructed below

Open this page on a device running iOS 12 while using the Safari browser, to open the model.

The WebAR format

WebAR is a gateway to showing your product at any time, in any form, color, size, etc. Invite your customers to experience your physical product first hand, digitally wherever they are. As long as they have a smartphone with an internet connection.

A car is only an example of the possibilities. We can create almost anything in WebAR and even add animations!

Did you get any ideas? If not that’s also fine, you can have one of ours. Let’s discuss more over a lunch meeting.

Tesla Augmented Reality

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