The interest in virtual reality is increasing

Virtual Reality design

We recently launched our exploration project as a real company named Virsabi.  By doing that, we obviously care tremendously about the growing interest of companies willingness to invest in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content.

This is what they ask for

Currently we experience interest in particularly the area of doing in-store VR, giving retail-store visitors an immersive brand experience in flag-ship stores. We also experience great interest in use of VR in product presentation, and that includes larger out-door installations as playgrounds, giving a potential buyer a ‘close-to-real’ experience of large installations before purchase.

VR hardware? Sorry, all sold-out!

In Denmark during December 2017, the SONY PlayStation VR headset was completely sold-out both in the physical retail stores and online, and you had to search long and be lucky, to get your hands on the HTC Vive.

This confirms very clear indications, that the penetration of VR technology in households for sure in picking up in Denmark. The online price comparison portal PriceRunner recently shared, that VR headsets was among the top items searched for during December.

Samsung has recently surpassed global sales of their VR headset, Samsung Gear VR, with 5.000.000 headsets sold.

In Denmark we are hardly exploring the commercial use of virtual reality

In a quick questionnaire among 20 Danish enterprise brands conducted in January 2017, only 2 of 20 had taken initiatives to explore the fast maturing technology.

The penetration of VR and AR technology is happening, and many companies needs to start exploring.

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