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What the internet has done for businesses, the metaverse will multiply. The metaverse will merge existing and new technologies and generate business opportunities that we can’t even imagine today. Get on the train now to get a head start.

The internet changed the way we do business. Today, it is hard to imagine the business world without fundamental methods to exchange information and financial transactions like email and e-banking. Then add the entire world of e-commerce and the digitalization of logistics and supply-chains based on internet protocols and it’s hard to explain where your business model would be today without the internet.

The metaverse is likely to multiply the business value of the internet. Recently, McKinsey forecasted the metaverse to have a value of 5 trillion USD in 2030, and just like the internet led to the invention of new business opportunities that were hard to foresee in the early days of the internet, the metaverse will spark new opportunities for doing business that we cannot yet imagine.

In this video from the Economist, you can see different explanations and use cases of the future metaverse.

Better integration of known technologies

There is still no single definition of what the metaverse is or will be. As you can see in the video, the expectations are that it is an integration of some of the technologies we already have today like virtual reality and augmented reality, and there is a general consensus that it will more seamlessly combine our digital and physical lives than the current internet.

Hardware, telecommunication, and digital infrastructure will grow to even larger industries, and digital information and the way we interact with each other digitally will take on new dimensions and play an even larger role in our daily lives. This means that some of the five trillion dollars are up for grasps for all type of companies.

Marketing, advanced e-commerce, entertainment, and training and onboarding are some of the fields where the market is already growing fast, and where you can get a head start today.

“There are plenty of possibilities for utilizing today and gain an almost immediate return on investment while at the same time building the foundation for your future brand position in the metaverse. Our customers use these technologies for training and onboarding, marketing and customer engagement, enhanced customer service, and remote collaboration. They are doing sound business, and at the same time gaining a head start and sparking new ideas for how to use the technology of the future internet.”
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