The new reality of sales

Virtual and augmented reality are slowly but steadily used to win over consumers around the world. Mastering these technologies will boost your sales, almost no matter what, where and to whom you sell.

Unleash the potential and boost your sales. That was the basic message when our CEO, Michael Harboe, made a presentation for a room full of Danish Leaders at CfL (Center for Ledelse) earlier today. 

The leaders in the room all work in sales or marketing and represented business from as different industries as supermarkets, insurance, furniture and retail. Common for all of them is that they do not – yet – utilize the powers of virtual and augmented reality in their sales. 

“If you sell online, it should be obvious by now that you can replace your product photos with augmented reality models that the customers can place in their own environment using their phones or tablets. Shopify reported an increase in conversion rates of 90 percent when switching from photos to webAR, as we call this. It works just like a filter on social media, so especially the younger customers are accustomed to it meaning the entry barrier is very low,” says Michael Harboe.

As close to being there as you can get

The potential of these technologies goes way beyond augmented reality in online sales. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Virsabi participated in a project to boost the export of Danish furniture and fashion companies during a period when all international fairs and other traditional ways of selling were closed down.  

As part of the project, Virsabi created a large virtual environment where all participating companies got to show products, introduce themselves and showcase their production facilities. The experience was put on a virtual reality headset, packaged in a beautiful box with a few product samples and sent to some of the most important procurers and influencers. 

“We combined a virtual environment, 360 degrees video, 3D models of products, and videos made in our advanced Virtual Production Studio all wrapped in the same experience. It’s like participating in a game where you jump between worlds of different designers, and it is as close you can get to being present at a facility without actually being there. If you need to create trust with your customers or partners, showing them your products, your facilities, and yourself in this way can be very powerful,” Michael Harboe says. 

Let’s you go impossible places

The distribution of VR headsets this way is a new way of thinking in marketing. If you have attended an industry fair within the last couple of years, chances are you have seen at least one stand with a line of people waiting to try on their VR headset. But the combination of travel restrictions and lower prices has made sending them to customers an option. 

However, the traditional way of inviting your customers to a unique experience on an industry fair still stands. 

“A great example is the virtual reality experience we made for FLSmidth a while back where we modelled a flotation tank, which is a very big tank used in minerals processing. Not even people working with this equipment ever get a chance to see what it looks like on the inside, and that is just a great conversation starter when you are introducing new technology,” he says.  

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