The story behind our name

The story behind the name of our company is a short and sweet one. We started out by calling the company Virtualus, because we wanted the name to reflect our focus on team spirit. We want to create a space where amazing people from all over can meet and explore the passion we all have for virtual reality. This space is created in the interaction between the people on the team and an atmosphere of passion for VR and the sharing of knowledge. 

But we ran into a problem, the name Virtualus was simple too hard to pronounce. It felt like trying to speak with your mouth full of cotton. So, one day when our founder, Michael Harboe, was driving around with his oldest son they tried to come up with a new name. It started with a lot of different words combined with virtual in some way.

But then they drove past a sushi restaurant and came up with names like Virtualsushi, Virsushi and others like it. And then the word wasabi was said aloud and suddenly it became Virsabi a mix of spicy green wasabi and virtual reality. A name which embodies both strength, delicacy, spice, and uniqueness. Which are all words that can be used to describe the values of this company.

Our logo on the other hand was meant to be a pair of virtual reality glasses, but then we realized that if we used the glasses from now as a template they might change their looks in a month, a year or more. So, then we started thinking about what it is we can do, and realized that we could create a 3D model inspired by the V in Virsabi and use that as our main logo. So, we started getting creative and the end result became amazing.

The color of the main logo might have been inspired a bit by the green color of wasabi, but we do have the logo in multiple colors and we are going to use them whenever it feels right.

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