Torben, we have a problem

Sometimes Torben is the only one who knows how to fix the problem fast. Sometimes Torben is half a world away. With HoloLens or RealWear – Torben can still be there in a few minutes.

The era when the coolest job in the world was the travelling technical specialist is over. It seems like the younger generation just doesn’t see the point in spending 20+ hours on a plane for at short visit to a distant country, where all they see before heading back home is the inside of a factory and a boring hotel room. Good for the climate, and good for their families.

However, being a technical specialist is still cool. And if you are ‘a Torben’, you can fortunately put your expertise to use all over the globe, and still pick up your kids from kindergarten and be home for dinner.

As long as the local maintenance people on site are equipped with HoloLens or RealWear, you can use remote collaboration and guide them through almost any technical process.

How it works

“Go right. Look up, a little closer, see – right here where I put the arrow. Now open the valve.”

This could be Torben guiding John from the local service staff. John is wearing a HoloLens and have called in to an ordinary Microsoft Teams meeting from his HoloLens.

Torben can see everything that John sees, and Torben can draw arrows, circles – or anything really – in a digital layer that John can see in his HoloLens. The arrow stays where Torben draws it, so even if John looks away, he still knows which valve to open.

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Fast and simple to get going

It almost goes without saying that Torben and John can send pictures, videos and other files back and forth – whatever it takes for John to fix the problem.

“It’s really simple to set up and get started. Remote collaboration is not solving all problems – sometimes you just need to put your hands on the equipment to locate the issue – but our customers estimate that around seven out of ten issues that would normally require the technician to be on site to solve can be solved like this,” says Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer in Virsabi.

Part of the reason for success is that Torben doesn’t have to be alone on the call. As it is an ordinary Teams meeting, all the company’s experts from around the globe can join the meeting and help solve the issue.

Sparked by Covid-19

Leading companies have had their eyes set on remote collaboration for some years now, but it took a pandemic to really spark it. Travel restrictions sped up the process for quite a large number of Virsabi customers, and none of them will go back to the old ways.

“On the contrary, they are exploring new ways for augmented reality to provide value in their daily operations across geographical locations. Remote collaboration is just the low-hanging fruit, and once they get familiar with the HoloLens or RealWear they keep getting new ideas,” says Jens Lauritsen.

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