Tutorio and HoloLens - use cases and network

A large number of companies were present to learn more about the possibilities of Tutorio, network and inspire each other in the use of HoloLens. If you weren’t at the meeting, have no fear. You can watch the presentations below.

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Tutorio and the vision behind it

Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer at Virsabi, presented Tutorio, the history behind it, its benefits and how it can be used with the maritime sector as an example. Jens is one of the creators of Tutorio and shared his expertise and knowledge about the app to inspire others who could benefit from using it.

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Augmented Instructions in Novo Nordisk

Jakob Foss, Digital Training consultant at Novo Nordisk, talks about the flexibility and efficiency of working with HoloLens in Novo Nordisk.Here, mixed reality plays an important role for the process operators in the pharmaceutical company, as the technology reduces errors and creates a feeling of security for employees.

Microsoft Mixed Reality

HoloLens is developed by Microsoft. At the meeting, Martin Petersen, technical specialist at Microsoft, explained the technology and the use of the various functions HoloLens has. Among other things, he mentioned that HoloLens is advantageous for remote assistance and collaboration across distances, as well as for creating guides that can be used in supply chain management.

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How SESG uses HoloLens and Tutorio

The last external speaker was Brian Østergaard, project manager at SESG, who has a different background than the other speaker, as his experience with HoloLens concerns the use of the technology in vocational education.

Specifically, at SESG they have a program called MakerLab, where students get to experiment with virtual, mixed and augmented reality. The aim of MakerLab is to be ”at the forefront of teaching about and with XR technologies,”

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