Use AR to meet your customers where they are – at home

The current situation calls for B2C businesses to rethink the way they present their products to customers. Technology offers easy ways to deal with empty stores and absent customers.

Louis Poulsen AR app
A view of our app made for Louis Poulsen, that enables the placement of their products virtually in a physical space.

New ways to present your products to customers

Are you in the B2C market? If yes, it’s probably time for you to be creative and think of new ways to present your products to your customers. Augmented Reality is a way to do so.

These days, shops are empty, as customers stay home to stay safe. Although it’s the right thing to do, it obviously poses a challenge to companies in the B2C market.

AR offers a solution to that challenge. You can bring your physical store to your customers by enabling customers to virtually place your products in their own homes.

At Virsabi, we help companies do just that. For Louis Poulsen, a high-end lighting manufacturer, we created a solution that allows customers to visualize Louis Poulsen’s products in the customer’s surroundings using photo-realistic models.

Make it easy

There are different ways to go about it. One way is through an app. Another is through what we call webAR. Recently, with the use of new technology, it became possible to use AR directly in a browser, reducing the number of steps the customer needs to take before viewing the products.

Using webAR, with the tap of a button on a smartphone or tablet, the customer can see your product right where they will place it when they buy it.

Apple recently launched their new iPads, the iPad pro 11 and 12.9, offering new functionalities that support more advanced AR solutions. And we expect to see those same functionalities in the coming iPhones.

Below are two examples of webAR with two very different products.

Now is the time

In short, now is the perfect time for B2C businesses to start working on solutions. Consumers’ access to features optimized for AR solutions means that companies can utilize AR to showcase their products in innovative ways that optimize the buying experience for the customer.

It’s not a new thing that companies work with AR as a visualization tool for their customers. But while businesses have been enjoying the benefits of these solutions for a while, the current situation will most likely continue to affect customers’ shopping habits – further pushing the need for companies to adapt. 

At Virsabi, we’re ready to help you meet your customers where they are – at home. Let’s talk about creating the right solution for you.

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At Virsabi, we’re ready to help you meet your customers where they are – at home. Let’s talk about creating the right solution for you.

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