Virsabi enters partnership with NNIT

Virsabi partners with NNIT

Virsabi and NNIT has officially entered a strategic partnership. The main focus is on how augmented reality and virtual reality can be utilized in the life science industry and in Danish production companies. This is a big achievement and milestone for Virsabi, as well as the advanced technology we work with. In entering the partnership, NNIT recognizes the value that the technologies have to offer.

Michael Harboe, CEO at Virsabi says:

"We are together enabling our customers to utilize the fast maturing VR, AR and MR technologies. It’s a big day for Virsabi and an important statement from NNIT, hereby encouraging the value and importance of the technologies."

We are excited to share our knowledge and push solutions that are able to transform the production industry. With augmented reality and virtual reality we can enable technicians to offer support in highly specialized production environments across continents, we can create safe training environments that leaves daily operations uninterrupted, and we can optimize production tasks by increasing the effectiveness and minimizing errors.

The first joint projects for a large shared customer in the life science industry has already been initiated, and we can’t wait share more about those initiatives.

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NNIT partners with Virsabi

Who is NNIT

NNIT is an international consultancy in the development, implementation, validation, and operation of IT for the life sciences industry. They create value for their clients by treating their IT as if it was NNIT’s own, and they meet the industry’s strictest regulatory requirements.

NNIT applies the latest advances in technology to make their clients software, business processes and communication more effective. NNIT A/S has more than 3,200 employees.


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