Virsabi hits the road to prepare Danish businesses for the Extended Reality age

“Where can Extended Reality (XR) create value for your business?” This week, we sought to answer this question with the help of Danish business leaders – and we found hundreds of answers.

In collaboration with Arbejdernes Landsbank, we brought our Ideation Workshop on the road, and worked with more than 200 engaged business leaders from the WIN Network all across Denmark.

The Ideation Workshop not only spreads awareness and excitement about the new technologies – it also identifies ideas that will create value for the companies.

At Virsabi, we generate business value for companies through advanced XR solutions (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 video). To define where our solutions will have the most meaningful impact, we work with businesses to understand their industry or company specific needs.

At the Ideation Workshop, we present the technology and a number of business cases to inspire and advise business leaders on how they can use XR and, more importantly, how XR can add value for them.

Throughout the presentations, the participants worked in teams to analyze business models and describe opportunities for how XR can make a difference in their business. After a few hours, we had a long list of ideas and opportunities for lots of different companies and industries.

Some ideas spark a laugh and never leave the room. Other ideas are likely to have significant impact on some of the involved companies’ future performance, and for some of them we will already next week meet to discuss an implementation plan. Because getting started with XR can make a huge difference for some companies – and it is not as hard as you might think!

Contact us if you want us to facilitate an Ideation Workshop for your company or business network.

To learn more about how XR has been used in business, for instance, to improve training of new employees, optimize service and maintenance procedures, or create a whole new retail experience, head on over to

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