Design companies create innovative video content in Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen

A sun setting at the pace needed for the shoot and that could be played over and over again. That is what a Danish production company needed when they were preparing to record their new product video. And it is what the company got at Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen when they were one of the six companies to break in the studio.

TAKT, Lene Bjerre, Kvik, Kvadrat, Carl Hansen & Søn and Astep have something in common. They all threw themselves into an exciting experience in project Virtual Stage, where they are trying new technologies to increase the export of danish design.
When we recently opened our doors to Virtual Studio Copenhagen, the same companies were in line to produce innovative videos. The results are six very different and interesting videos.

What is Virtual Production Copenhagen?

In Virtual Production Copenhagen, Virsabi produces professional videos for and with companies, that are aware the technology can increase the quality of their content creation.

The studio’s main asset is a big LED-screen where we in 3D create exactly the environment the customer wants, while at the same time supporting the desired message. By using the studio instead of a physical location, we can control things like the weather, time of day, place in the world, or a world of entirely of your fantasy.

Never before possible

One of the biggest advantages of using Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen is, that it gives the companies full control of the environment they record in. Astep took advantage of this when they recorded their video.
We simulated a room where the sun can be seen going down through the window, behind the founder Alessandro Sarfatti, that talks about two of their lamps, Pepa and Nox. As the sun sets the viewers are slowly exposed to the kind of mood and light the lamps create.

Asteps video is an example of how the studio enables recordings that otherwise would have been impossible. Because our technicians can control the light and the sunset on the screen behind Alessandro, we were able to make sure that the sun set, with the exact speed that Astep needed it to. And Alessandro had the opportunity to do all the necessary retakes because we were using a digital sun and not relying on the real thing.

Companies are ready to use the technology

Even though Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen is the first of its kind in Denmark, it is obvious that companies are ready to use it and understand the possibilities that the technology enables.

“The six companies have utilized the studio’s tools widely different from each other. It has been amazing to experience how the companies themselves have pushed tons of creative ideas.” says Creative Director Mikael Jæger Jensen.

Virtual Stage is a collaboration between Virsabi, Copenhagen Business School, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, and 3DaysofDesign. The project is funded by Industriens Fond.

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