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Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen

Create video content with full control over all aspects of the production

Now you can produce video in the exact environment, that supports your message in the best possible way. In Virtual Production Studio Copenhagen, the first of its kind in Denmark, we produce professional videos for companies that know, that the technology can support them in taking their content to the next level.

With technology and knowledge from the top shelf, we create a virtual environment, that you have full control over. We create your surroundings in 3D on the big LED-screen, which makes up the background of your video recordings. And then it is up to you whether you’d like to record in the Bahamas or on the Moon. We can control both the weather and the time of day, and you can try different options before making the final decision.

Together we can go from concept to finished product in a short amount of time without the complexity of the usual post-production.

Erik and his laptop are real.
Everything else is virtual.

What can the studio do?

High-quality knowledge and technology

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