Three I’s of virtual reality experience design

Virtual Reality design

According to Gartner, “using personalization and customer journey analytics technologies to enrich customers’ experiences will be key in the future customer journey and experience”. Brands should be built around customer experience (CX) and not the other way around. That is where Virtual Reality has a strong advantage over other mediums – engaging with the consumer and delivering great customer experiences. Every VR project is designed with the following three components in mind:


Immersion is what makes VR feel real to the audience. Each time, whether it is product visualization or branded experience project, we adjust format and find exciting ways to take people into new worlds.

Research shows that giving the user a real-time perception of being physically present in a virtual environment and a possibility to interact with it without disruptions, translates directly into increased comfort and sympathy towards the brand providing such experiences.


In terms of functionality, VR is responsive to the user’s input – gestures, verbal commands, head movement tracking etc. Why does it matter for businesses?

For example, every product in a virtual clothing store can be interacted and manipulated with using either controllers or by gazing at certain points in the created environment. That way, experience is brought to a new level – from passive observation (looking at photos of products on a website) to active participation (being in the first row of a fashion show). Also, customer’s interactions in the virtual world can be tracked and used as a tool to understand customer’s needs and influence buying decision process.


VR is the newest medium to tell a story and experience it, which gives an infinite number of possibilities for marketing. The user’s mind capacity makes it possible to perceive non-existent things and create the illusion of them being real. Virtual experience can be designed to unfold a story, step inside a dream or a vision, enter a game or experience product from the inside. Through VR, businesses can influence emotions and decisions or bring back memories. Why does it all matter for Virsabi?

At Virasbi we work together with companies to find the right fit to connect their core business with VR. Then, we craft the right user experience, so that our genius VR development team can bring it to life.

If you want to know more about the way we work, please reach out.

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