How Virtual Reality can train better soldiers and streamline staff

Staying calm and acting correctly under pressure is crucial for a good military defense force. Not just for soldiers in combat, but for everyone throughout the military supply chain. Virtual reality (VR) can make the training realistic, so everyone in the Armed Forces can learn to response optimally under pressure, no matter their field of work.

It is not until the bullets fly around your ears, you know for sure how you react in stressful situations. This applies to all people, regardless of whether the bullets are to be taken literally or – as is fortunately the case for most people – is to be understood figuratively. 

When we are under pressure, our actions should preferably be based on our experiences. That is why we train, and that is why, in training situations, we try to simulate reality as best we can. 

Virtual reality is the ultimate tool to simulate reality and train stressful situations.  

In VR, you are encapsulated in your own world. You become immersed in the experience, and the senses of sight, hearing and balance are so affected that the brain thinks the experience is real.  

At the same time, you control the experience with your movements, and therefore we can create very realistic simulations of real situations where you have to perform physical tasks in the same way as you should in real life.

This way, VR can be used to build and store experiences in how we should act in stressful situations – both mentally and physically.

Combat training and strategic overview

In the field of defense, it is logical that VR can be used to simulate combat situations for future soldiers. You can create any environment – city, village, desert, jungle, mountains, ice sheet – and adapt hostile activity to a realistic scenario. 

But VR is effective for much more than combat training.  

VR can be used to train communication and chains of command under pressure. We can build an entire virtual command center where users can train military strategy and lead different platoons in simulated combat. 

We can train interpersonal skills and practical skills in the engineering and supply troops, and we can train first aid, both in stressful combat situations and under calmer circumstances. 

Common to all training exercises in VR is that users can practice again and again in calm conditions until movements and thought patterns are incorporated. Users can practice regardless of time and place, and the hardware can be purchased for pocket money at Elgiganten. 

Attract the soldiers of the future

The possibilities of VR begin already at the draft. Why not use VR to give potential future soldiers an engaging insight into the many different opportunities that the Armed Forces offer? 

VR provides a unique opportunity to navigate between education and work opportunities and make young people interested in a career in the Armed Forces. With a VR headset on, even existing video material can be experienced in cinema size in the user’s own world and create far greater impressions than if viewed on a TV screen or a phone. 

The young people can, for example, play a game where they have to solve one of the many tasks that the Armed Forces solve around the world and test their own abilities in a simulation adapted to their abilities and age.

Get to know your equipment

Of course, the possibilities do not stop there. With VR it is only our imagination that sets the limit for which three-dimensional universes we can create. 

With augmented reality, which is data on top of reality on for example a phone or tablet, we can show 3D models of all military equipment. The models can be rotated, disassembled, explained – and used in every conceivable way to train soldiers in equipment and material. 

The same technology can be used to display information in airplanes and car windows – or in a headset such as Microsoft HoloLens. 

The imagination sets the limit of possibilities, while the possibilities push the limit of our performance when it really counts.

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