What is
Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is for everyone

Virtual Reality is a technological medium enabling the user to be present in a virtual world. A virtual world could be anything – explore Mount Everest in 360 degree video or experience your dream home made into reality, virtually. The ability to fully immerse the user into any desired environments is what serves as a VR’s primary tool and functionality.

Virtual Reality is a fast-growing technology, and it is becoming highly accessible to both private people and businesses. VR has already become a powerful tool in gaming industry, and it is now transforming multiple industries. Virtual Reality marketing trends suggest, that early adopters will embrace the window of opportunity technology has created.

A medium composed of interactive computer simulations that sense the participant’s position and actions, providing synthetic feedback to one or more senses, giving the feeling of being immersed or being present in the simulation.

-Sherman and Craig


The industry is projected to grow to $80 billion USD by 2025.

Virtual Reality reached 171 million users by the end of 2018.

By 2027, 61 billion $ revenue will come from VR.

Virtual Reality In Business

Why invest in Virtual Reality?


Train your employees with VR and give them a hands on experience in a simulated environment. Increase retention rate and efficiency in your training programs.


Creating virtual apartment walk-throughs, impressing clients with real-scale models in VR.


It is already applied to treat psychological disorders like social anxiety, phobias, or PTSD. VR is used in relation to immersive training and diagnostics for healthcare workers.


Create new customer experiences, improve ROI and operational efficiency, create new marketing channels and increase sales results.


Use storytelling to create immersive movies or commercialspots that bring the viewer into a different world, and highlights product value.


Improve quality and easiness of producing 3D designs, speed up the prototype designing time, create new form interactive, 3d art.

Virtual Reality is helping businesses improve

The method proven to be the most useful when using VR in business is when used as a product visualization tool. VR can shorten the sales-and decision making process as well as improve customer satisfaction. It engages potential clients through interactive experiences.

Branded VR experiences greatly increases positivity amongst users towards the brand. Internally VR enables improved data collection, faster prototyping, and serves as an effective tool in staff training.

Not only do we create content for VR, we also help companies implement this medium at an operational, tactical and strategic level.

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