Virtual Stage – a way forward for fashion and furniture

How can Virtual and Augmented Reality boost furniture and fashion export? Virsabi is part of a new project aiming to bring digitalization to these industries and rethink export in a post-COVID-19 world.

The feel of the fabric, the smell of the leather, and the touch of the wood. Selling furniture and fashion is about activating the senses. And about networking with the right people. That’s why fashion shows and furniture fairs attract large crowds year after year.

Or they used to.

Closed borders and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have resulted in a setback to the export of Danish fashion and furniture. Lifestyle design is the fourth largest export sector in Denmark, and since these industries rely on fairs and physical presence to close a sale, new ways to connect with customers are needed.

A new way to present products

So how can we develop a digital solution to eliminate – or at least reduce – the need for physical gatherings of large crowds in order for these industries the thrive? The new project Virtual Stage – Fashion and Furniture Forward aims to answer that question.

Virsabi is the technical partner in the project, and with Virtual Stage, we’re going to stretch the limits of Virtual and Augmented Reality to create a Virtual Stage where design brands can show their products to purchase managers, retailers, producers, influencers, and journalists from all over the world.

Immersive experiences to activate senses

We cannot yet replicate the touch, feel and smell, but with Virtual and Augmented Reality, we can activate our other senses and create engaging product presentations. With these technologies, we are much more likely to pay attention, remember, and immerse ourselves in the experiences compared to having the same information delivered through traditional text, photos, or video.

In the short term, the project aims to test solutions to overcome the effect of COVID-19 on export of Danish lifestyle design and to strengthen the Danish fashion and furniture industries. A long-term aim is for digital solutions developed through or inspired by the project to help innovate the supply chain and reduce costs, the need for traveling, and the environmental footprint of these industries.

Project partners

The project is sponsored by The Danish Industry Foundation. Partners are Lifestyle & Design Cluster (project lead), Virsabi, CBS – Department of Digitalization (Copenhagen Business School), and 3 Days of Design.

Furthermore, a number of companies from the design industries will participate and promote their products and designs through Virtual Stage.

If you like to hear more about the initiative, please contact Michael Harboe at Virsabi – and follow the project unfold on LinkedIn.

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