Apple's new headset Vision Pro moves from AR/VR and MR to "spatial computing".

Apple has finally unveiled their AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro. But what can the headset do and how much does it cost? And when will Vision Pro be launched in Denmark?

Rumors have been swirling for years, and now Apple has finally presented the company’s proposal for a headset for AR and VR. The first presentation suggests that the headset offers a classic Apple user interface and far better integration with other hardware – at least on Apple’s platforms – than the other headsets on the market.

Navigation with eyes, hands and voice

Apple Vision Pro is an AR and VR headset, where you as a user have the opportunity to define where the real world meets the digital and virtual world. You can easily and intuitively move around in and with the content by using your eyes, hands and voice.

With the Vision Pro headset on your head, you can:

  • Navigating a virtual layer on top of your reality. Apple itself calls it a “canvas”. Whether you’re sitting in the living room, the office or on a plane, you can combine your Apple services, apps and other digital functions right in front of you.

  • Play movies and play games like never before. You choose how immersive playback should be by controlling the size of the screen, using 3D functionalities or using a virtual background in 360 degrees or “just” behind the screen.

  • Bring your existing photos and videos to life with panoramic playback and full audio experience. This happens with the ground-breaking “spatial photo, video and audio” technologies that Apple has developed.

  • Elevate virtual meetings and video calls to new heights with immersive video capabilities, audio that follows the environment, and shared views in apps that promote collaboration. When you participate in a FaceTime call via the headset, built-in cameras ensure that you and your facial expressions are shown – without the others in the call being able to see that you are wearing a headset.

Aesthetic design filled with technology

The design of the Apple Vision Pro is of course in the spirit of Apple.

The relatively light headset can be adjusted to the user via an elastic band, and behind the experiences things are brought to life with the help of innovative lenses from Zeiss, a screen that shows your eyes to the surroundings when in use, a micro-OLED display system, ambient sound, cameras and sensors as well as innovative R1 and M2 chips.

apple vision pro

Apple defines the headset as a new category, where a perfect and smooth integration between the iCloud functionality and Apple products meets a revolutionary platform like “spatial computing”.

Price and launch

Apple Vision Pro will hit the market in 2024 at an expected price of 3500 USD , equivalent to just over 24.000 DKK. However, it will only be launched in the US, so we Danish AR/VR enthusiasts must arm ourselves with patience – or book a plane ticket to the US when the product’s final launch date is announced.

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