How VR can accelerate career entry

A comprehensive training program that utilizes virtual reality (VR) will equip young job seekers across Europe with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in job interviews and navigate the labor market.

Across Europe, too many young people still struggle to secure their first job and gain a foothold in the job market. They face a multitude of challenges, and Virsabi has now joined a pan-European project with the aim of addressing these challenges by developing a comprehensive training program that utilizes VR to help young people succeed. 

The program is called VR-ACE, and the project recognizes that young job seekers often lack the necessary preparation and experience to effectively navigate the interview process.  

VR provides a unique opportunity to create immersive and realistic scenarios that replicate the experience of a job interview. By exposing young job seekers to these scenarios, the VR-ACE program can help them develop their communication skills, improve their confidence, and learn how to handle common interview questions. 

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For youth and trainers

Together with partners from Lithuania, Cyprus, Italy, Finland and France, the project will also deliver a cohesive training model for youth trainers to help them prepare the young people for the job market.  

The project will address challenges such as the inability to successfully navigate job interviews, preparation for job interviews, strengthen the youngsters’ confidence in their abilities, and improve their communication skills in order to help them express themselves effectively. 

Besides the VR experience, the outcome will include a report on the needs of young job seekers, a handbook for trainers, a guidebook for young job seekers, and a training course. 

Objectives of VR-ACE

The overall objectives of the VR-ACE are: 

  • To support young jobseekers in their pursuit of gainful employment and provide them with the necessary guidance, training, and resources to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to secure a suitable job opportunity.  
  • To equip young jobseekers with the tools and resources they need to present themselves effectively during job interviews and stand out from the crowd.  
  • To provide young jobseekers with the opportunity to gain transversal skills that are highly valued by employers and essential for success in the workplace (i.e. communication skills)  
  • To reduce youth unemployment  
  • To foster the development of youth educators’ capacity to effectively support young people in preparing for the job market. 

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.  

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