What is webAR? 

Augmented reality has existed for a while now. However for the first time, it is now possible to utilize AR in browsers. New smartphone technology is allowing us to activate and deliver augmented realty experiences directly through website. We have developed features, which on a website indicates that it is possible to experience a product as a 3D model in AR, and with the click of a button in a browser on a mobile phone or tablet, the model can be placed in the real environment in front of the phone camera.

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Tap the picture of the water tap to see it in augmented reality!

Only works for iOS 12. If you have an android you will have be patient for now.

Why do you need webAR?  

The value is the increased interaction a customer can have with a product as a 1:1 size 3D model, without having to download an application. It is an experience that gently nudges a customer towards the buying decision. If you’re reading this on your phone, and you are using iOS tap the image below to see it in action.For regular grocery products this may not make a big impact on the buying decision, though for high-end and luxury products as design furnitures it has a big potential to improve conversion rates. The ability to spend time with the designs simply increases the emotional connection, and the buyer may find the final decision easier. We predict, that this feature eventually will be a standard and expected feature of ecommerce websites, though right now it is a possibility for the sellers to stand-out and offer customers something extra. Contact us to learn how to offer WebXR on your website. 

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Experience a selection of 3D models in AR

If you're not already, get on a tablet or a smartphone running iOS 12, and see the 3D models in AR, in your browser for yourself. 

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