What is

WebAR is exactly like augmented reality as you know it – except it can be accessed directly from a mobile browser. No app. Just a single click away.

Your Product (now in AR)

Chair model – TAKT Soft Chair

Stand out from competitors with augmented reality

  • Immerse your customers by implementing WebAR into your web shop
  • Let your customers place your product in their living room with a single click – no apps, no downloads

Virsabi can help you

  • Covert products designed in 3D to a usable 3D model
  • Build the 3D model up from scratch
  • Make the 3D model AR compatible
  • Ensure high level of detail and quality
  • Guidance on implementation on web-shop

Augmented Reality in your web browser and web shop

Augmented reality has existed for a while now. However for the first time, it is now possible to utilize AR in browsers. Before apps were the only option if you wanted your customers to experience your models in augmented reality. New smartphone technology is allowing us to activate and deliver augmented reality experiences directly through website. Check out the video to see for yourself. 

The value in WebAR

Augmented reality has the power to increase conversions by engaging customers. It decreases customer uncertainty and the ability to spend time with the designs simply increases the emotional connection, and the buyer will find the final decision easier. The ability to place your products in your customers homes is not to be underestimated.

We predict that AR will be the future reality of retail, and a standard feature of e-commerce websites. It’s a opportunity that even smaller online retailers can utilize. Now is the time to adopt the technology to stand out from the competition by creating a unique customer experience.

Without leaving their home, customers can try-out options, understand the impact of the product in their home setting where and when the goods will be used, perform what-if scenarios for future needs, and have a sense of enjoyment and fun.

WebAR guarantees unique e-commerce experience, that will make your costumers come back to you.

Try it out yourself!

Experience a selection of 3D models in WebAR. Get on a tablet or smartphone running the latest version of iOS to try it out!