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Compared to the 500 model, the new RealWear Navigator 520 comes with the HyperDisplay, and offers a bigger, sharper, bolder image to make work on the frontline even better.

RealWear’s head-mounted display, the Navigtator 520, enables  information sharing and collaboration across distances. It is a mature digital tool you can use to increase efficiency, create better documentation and enable remote information sharing. 

It is voice controlled, dust tight, water resistant, can be worn with a safety helmet and is ready for use in your industry. The RealWear Navigator 520 is the perfect tool in a world that increasingly requires effective solutions for remote communication.

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Remote support

A sustainable and cost-effective solution. Lower your carbon footprint.


Digitalize and optimize your processes to increase efficiency.


Share information effortlessly with a head-mounted camera and display.

Our CPO, Jens Lauritsen explains the benifits of RealWear’s NAVIGATOR 520.

On the topic of remote assist

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The perfect tool to give
your industrial company an edge today

Our experts are always ready help you make the right decisions for your business. 

Voice controlled

Safety equipment compatible

Local storage

The perfect digital tool

RealWear Navigator 520

In the small head-mounted display, the wearer can access all applications, files or browserbased solutions by using voice commands. It can be mounted to safety equipment, is quick to deploy and can assist a wide varity of tasks.

A cost-effective and sustainable solution

Cut travel costs by collaborating remotely through the RealWear Navigator 520.

Reduce the time you spend traveling or avoid traveling altogether – because you want to, or because traveling is not an option. 

RealWear Cases

Increased productivity, easier access to help from specialists, a more smooth and efficient collaboration with customers, and better documentation.
SKAKO Concrete uses technology to minimize the risk of misunderstandings and errors. With RealWear, they increase the quality of their collaboration and service.

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