Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a wonderful medium to tell stories the way they are meant to be told. If you got here, you are probably thinking what every marketer is thinking right now.

How can you use VR? Read below.

In business-to-business setting, VR enables improved data collection, faster prototyping, staff training and design. Sales representatives can benefit from VR by offering a potential customer a risk-free, personalized and engaging, differentiated real-environment experience.  All because virtual products can be developed earlier, more quickly and shown more cost effectively than physical products.

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What is Virtual Reality?

Formal definition of virtual reality  was created by Sherman and Craig and states that it is a medium composed of interactive computer simulations that sense the participants position and actions, providing synthetic feedback to one or more senses, giving the feeling of being immersed or being present in the simulation.

Virtual Reality is a fast-growing technology, and it is becoming highly accessible to both private people and businesses. VR has already become a powerful tool in gaming industry, and it is now transforming multiple industries. Virtual Reality marketing trends suggest, that early adopters will embrace the window of opportunity technology has created. The industry is projected to grow to $80 billion USD by 2025. Smart businesses are already implementing VR to engage their current and potential customers in a whole new way. Considering customer segment, Virtual Reality reached 11.000.000 users by the end of 2016. It is forecasted that by 2019, 1,6 billion $ revenue will come from retail industry utilizing VR


What is the value of VR?

Virtual reality is s a fast-developing technology, finding applications in many industries, yet it is still in an early adoption phase and is expected to reach its fullest potential on mass market within 10 years. Research showed that early adopters can benefit from using VR to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and shorten decision making process.

Virtual reality brings most value for the business when used as product visualisation tool. In sales processes, VR is a helpful technology that shortens sales and decision-making process and engages potential client through interactive experience.

Nevertheless, implementing VR in the customer journey requires defining the business model on operational, tactical and strategic levels of the company. That is what we do at Virsabi – we are professionals and creatives ready to help businesses implement VR at an operational, tactical and strategic level.

When it comes to consumer interest with VR branded experience, 80% feel positively towards experiencing branded VR tactics, and 1 out of 5 of all users state that experiencing branded VR experience would make them feel more positively about the brand.

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Virtual Reality is helping industries evolve


VR can be used as a quick, realistic research tool collecting quantitative data of all key user behaviour elements, track head movements, interactions and purchases.


Improve quality and easiness of producing 3D designs, speed up the prototype designing time, create new form interactive, 3d art.


Creating virtual apartment walk-throughs, impressing clients with real-scale models in VR.


Guide remote shoppers through immersive experiences, visualize a product or lifestyle, display items based on what customers stare at in a VR environment.


Create new customer experiences, improve ROI and operational efficiency, create new marketing channels and increase sales results.


Use storytelling to create immersive movies or commercialspots that bring the viewer into a different world, and highlights product value.


VR enables to learn through immersive lessons including: science class in the field, discovering new cultures and reviving history, use visual models to solve math.


It is already applied to treat psychological disorders like social anxiety, phobias, or PTSD. VR is used in relation to immersive training and diagnostics for healthcare workers.



The amount of headsets on the market is increasing, so naturally Google Cardboard is the cheapest and the most available way to experience VR, due to the fact that only requirement for it to work is a smartphone. It is not as immersive experience as the high-end displays, and the range of experiences for it is limited, but entire YouTube library is viewable through Cardboard. The biggest downside of Cardboard is not comfortable, and remote controllers cannot be used with it, therefore it is best for short visualisations.



Samsung Gear VR offers better image quality than Cardboard, and it costs approximately 70 €. The design is better than in Cardboard as it includes better control system, additional tracking sensors and focus wheels. It is wireless and easily portable, which is an advantage for marketers and sellers transporting it to venues.



HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation VR are the high-end VR headsets available on the market, but also the most expensive and technically demanding. They offer a wide range of features: motion tracking, high-resolution screens, high-quality graphics, comfort, and they are not likely to induce motion sickness. The price ranges from aprox 400 € for PSVR to 800 € for the HTC Vive set. Additionally, those headsets require powerful computers, or in case of Playstation – the console to run smoothly.

It also makes them less portable. An external camera and position tracking system enables user to move freely in all directions, giving best experience quality.



What is more, headsets are equipped with controllers, which allows to use hands in virtual world. That includes touching, zooming, dropping, picking objects in virtual space. High-end HMDs offer the most immersive and interactive experience and can be used for more complex projects.

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