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From bakeries to bike shops and doctors to zookeepers, everyone can occasionally use instant advice or a second opinion from a specialist. HoloLens 2 makes remote assistance as easy as conducting a Microsoft Teams meeting. With a bit of creativity it can spark productivity in almost any field of work.

Travel restrictions and video meetings are two things that the world adapted to extremely fast when the coronavirus showed its face. With this in place, your business is two steps closer to enjoying one of the true benefits of digitalization. Because if you can figure out a video meeting in Microsoft Teams, you can also harvest the benefits of remote assistance using the HoloLens 2, no matter what line of business you’re in.

Put on your HoloLens, join a Teams meeting through Remote Assist and have the person or persons in the meeting guide you to complete your task with video, audio and visual pointers in your field of view. All while you have both hands free to do the work.

Or – if you are the specialist – guide your co-worker, your apprentice, or anyone in need of help in your field of expertise from the comfort of your home or office.

We can all imagine the benefits of this if a brain surgeon is performing a complicated surgery and five of his or her best colleagues around the world can follow every move, make suggestions, and put a visual marker in the field of view of the performing surgeon. Or when a piece of critical equipment on an offshore rig needs immediate maintenance and the nearest expert is a 15-hour flight away but is capable of giving expert guidance to an onsite service engineer who can then fix the problem.

The good news for you: Remote assistance with Augmented and Mixed Reality can just as easily benefit almost any kind of business.

Easy to get going

In Virsabi, we recently received 15 sets of the new HoloLens 2. And we are amazed at the ease of setting things up.

Before the corona outbreak we were seeing remote assistance take off in large industrial companies working with manufacturing and service and maintenance of equipment in remote locations. Now, we believe that even smaller companies will benefit from remote assistance much sooner than anticipated.

Plumbers, electricians, facility managers – anyone who works with their hands, assembles or disassembles things, or adjust settings on any piece of equipment can benefit from the ease of cooperation with HoloLens 2. Getting a second opinion or clearance from the expert in the office can save you many hours of going back to the customer to fix an issue.

HoloLens 2 is easy to use, and it is easy to setup. So easy, we can give you an online demo anytime you want. Reach out to our Chief Product Officer, Jens Lauritsen, and we’ll set up a Teams meeting where you can see it in action.

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At Virsabi, we’re ready to help you meet your customers where they are – at home. Let’s talk about creating the right solution for you.
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